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We like to trade Options and Stocks without any emotions involved. Let the charts do the talking and decision making for us. Our trades are based on Price Action and Trade Setups. You will find both Day/Swing trades as part of the service.


Type of Trades you can expect after joining the platform: - 

  • Chart level based Trading

  • Price Action based setup Trades

  • Swing Trades (Options & Stocks both) - Check the format of these Trade notifications here

  • Futures Trading - More details here

Chart Level based Trading:-

We focus on the same 6 to 8 stocks every day for Day trading and provide supporting video commentary and price levels. We share a trading plan every morning before market open around 8:30am ET. It includes the exact price levels where we can look to execute trades. The idea is to have minimal slippage and optimum order entry for all members. Due to the quick market moves in the morning, one has to be prepared in advance to maximize profits in such break-out trades. You should be looking to execute trades, and not analyzing charts after the morning bell.


An example of what the pre-market plan looks like for all the stocks we follow. Go through the commentary and Trigger levels.

Click on the table to magnify

We share both Upside and Downside scenarios. As the Price breaches a Trigger level, and confirms - we get into a trade.

We do suggest which option contract to enter at the time of trigger. It takes the guess work out. All of the members are on the same page. No need to be emotional. Please see a short video clip here to see how you can use these Pre-Trade alert charts to execute your order. No need to keep sitting in front of the computer all day looking for a trade. Helping members with their trade ideas is something we enjoy after trading. So feel free to ask any question.

Price Action based setup Trading:-

Once the morning rush is over, "Price Action" takes over. These Price action based Trading Setups provide an unbiased approach towards a trade entry and have a defined stop-loss. No need to predict the move. Just follow the price.


Below are few (Members Only) setups.


It contains:-

  • the exact chart based price pattern to look for

  • the reason behind taking such an entry

  • what specific level to enter a trade

 - Trend Bar Failure

 - Pressure Zone

 - Trading Pullbacks

 - Using Short-term Moving Averages in Day Trading

If you are not a member and like to purchase these chart-based setups - kindly drop me a note here.

Here is an example of Pressure Zone Setup that one can trade as the price action plays out. Once you become a member, you will exactly know what to look for, when to execute & most important - where to exit if it does not work. 

Swing Trades:-

Swing Trading does not require you to baby sit your trades. It requires careful analysis on a higher time frame, and then base your entry once the short-term price action confirms. I perform a Top-down analysis on some of the trending stocks, and look for pull backs, trend line support, Support/Resistance levels, and candle closures in various time frames to take an entry.


Here are the details

Day Trading Setups

These setups are based on intraday (5-min to 15-min price bars), moving averages, few technical indicators that are helpful and above all Price action. Follow Price for best Day trades. Combine them with your studies/indicators for added confidence. Click here.

Swing Trading Setups

Just from the name it implies that the expectation is to hold these trades for more than a day. Sometime days and up to couple of weeks. So if you are trying to go for a decent reward, you need to accept the realities of swinging options as well. Dealing with draw downs, and seeing an option lose 50% of its value before making its way back up can be very normal. Click here.

Futures Trading:-

My husband (Trader UC) is an active Futures trader. He follows a strict risk management based approach towards trading to keep his emotions in check, and ensure long-term success. You can read all about it here and if Futures trading is all you like - you can sign up separately for that service.

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