Swing Trades

Here is an example of my Top-Down approach towards taking a Swing trade entry. I like to position size these trades to ensure a balanced Risk to Reward.

$COUP was showing nice uptrend in a weekly time frame & had retraced a bit from the highs. The chart below shows you weekly price bars that were holding $156 support level.

Drilling down a Daily time frame - you can see how it held the 50 EMA and gave us a Buy signal with those bottom wicks and Bullish price bars.

After taking an entry the stock moved up nicely in the next few days toward its next resistance level. Few folks like to raise their stop-loss, and some like to book profits. Totally up-to you how you want to trade as it depends on your Capital account size and number of shares (Position sizing).

A lot of folks like this approach as it does not require them to sit in front of the computer all day. They can check prices from their mobile and even execute a trade with ease. I know members on my platform who use this approach of mine to swing options that are at least 4 weeks out. This way time is on their side, and premium killing is not an issue due to intra-day choppy moves.

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