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Price Action Trading Course

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Nothing in Life comes easy. It takes time, dedication and patience. I did not have any formal Trading background. It took me years to find and build my niche. 

With this course and one-on-one session, Trader UC and I want to transfer the Price Action based Trading knowledge to you in a structured format. We hope this will kick start your Trading thought process and shorten the journey towards becoming a Successful trader.

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What is included in Price Action Trading course?

  • Identifying & Reading Candle Patterns & Trend Lines

  • How to create Price Levels and adjust them

  • Top Down approach towards Chart analysis

  • Timing a Trade entry based on your read of price action

  • Swing Trading & Risk Management

  • One-on-One 90 minute session with Trader UC and Ainee. We can record it as well so it is available to you on-demand.

  • Review any other Trading related Questions

Who is an ideal candidate for this course?

  • An aspiring Trader looking for a consistent approach and methodology towards trading

  • Someone who already has a basic knowledge of Price candle shapes and some concept of Support/Resistance levels

  • Person looking for Income generation as most of our trading style can be classified under Day Trading

  • Looking to combine Price action based approach with their technical indicators and studies to improve their stock chart analysis

Includes a Chart-based Setup that you can Trade on your own
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