Stock-based Swing Trades

A lot of folks reached out and requested that MT platform should post specific entries, targets, and chart-based stop-losses in order for them to participate in a trade. It helps them take the guess work out. Moreover, they want this information before hand so there is time to analyze a chart and gives them a chance to decide for themselves if it is a trade they want to get in or not.

Therefore, we have come up with a very simple to follow format for sharing Stock based Swing trades.

Basically the chart will contain 3 pieces of information.

  • Entry Price

  • Potential Targets

  • Chart-based Stop-loss

Here is an example.

This will allow you to:-

  • Analyze a trade in advance

  • No slippage in terms of price

  • Position size as per your risk profile

  • Know the exact entries/exits

Here is a short video clip that you can see to find out more details.

If you would like to consider this service, please go here to sign up.



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