Please download the Member Onboarding Guide and Go through the FAQs.

Please download the New Member Guide



Thank you for joining iTrade Price with Ainee & UC


After you have downloaded the on-boarding guide above, Please go through the points below as it will provide you good understanding in terms of what to expect and how best to use our service.

  • Everyone's account size, risk level, access to capital, number of contracts traded is different. We are a fast trader and like to grab quick profits. That suits our personality, life style, and trading goals. Of course everyone wants to be profitable and make money, but you have to keep in mind that if we come out of a trade early that is because the number of contracts we trade makes it possible as we hit our daily/weekly dollar profit goal. We do trim fast as the chart level plays out and let couple of contracts trail. We want you to find what fits you best given your account size and your level of risk aversion.

  • Remember there is ALWAYS another trade around the corner. If you miss something - Have no FOMO. If you are riding a profitable trade - Trim some contracts and put a stop-loss on remaining contracts to ensure a positive trader.

  • Fast execution is key in Options trading. When a break-out level plays out, Option prices don't wait for you and me to get in and then go up. That is why we share pre-alert levels along with video commentary names from our watch list. Pay attention to those, mark those levels on your charts and use price alerts to get you ready ahead of the level being played out.

  • Important: Below is an example of stocks and their respective chart levels (that we share every morning before market open) where we will be getting into a either a Call or Put option, depending on which way the stock moves. The idea is to NOT predict the direction of the stock price, but React to a pre-determined chart level as the stock price crosses above or below it.

  • As the Trading day starts and these price levels get breached, it triggers my Call or Put entries.

  • I like to stick with Strike prices that have a delta of around $0.30 unless of course it is a high-priced stock like $AMZN or $GOOGL for which even a delta of $0.2 is sufficient.

  • Expiration date is usually current week. But on Thursday/Friday - I can sometimes pick next week's expiration as well. Suit yourself. As long as we are correct in direction, options will move. Just remember that my trades are Day trades only (unless specified).

  • The Trading setups based alerts get executed as we find specific candlestick formations and patterns throughout the day. The idea is to be unemotional and adopt a structured trading framework that performs consistently. The exact entry and stop-loss level for such alerts is available under the details of each of these setups. Please go through it as part of your onboarding. 

Don't be over-whelmed. This is NOT a Get Rich Quick scheme. Its a Learning process and like everything else - it takes a bit of a time, effort, and patience. Spend few days observing and understanding how we trade and what can you do to make this experience effective & profitable.

Please check out some FAQ's here to help you get started. It will answer a lot of your questions.

Good Luck !! 

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