Key Concepts

Few effective tips for developing your Trading Discipline

  • Create your Daily Trading Plan

  • Find a Trading strategy/approach that matches with your personality

  • Stay away from live Chat rooms during your trading hours

  • Self-discipline is half the Trade

  • Put some time in Research and Back-testing

Few video clips that can help you understand my services & successfully execute orders 

How to take advantage of Pre-Trade Alerts that I share in the morning?

Must See for Members: How would I create a Price alert and trigger an entry using Pre-Alert Chart Levels from the Morning Tweet.

Order execution - and how the bid, ask, and mark prices are displayed in Think or Swim platform.

Price slippage & Pre-Alerts that I publish every morning before market open.

Slippage & Pre-Alerts
Slippage & Pre-Alerts

What is the difference between Trading Guide and Trading Setups?

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