Everyone starts from somewhere. If you understand price action, candlestick patterns, trend lines,  support/resistance levels, and few key indicators - that is all you need for consistent trading results.
Three Words.... Keep It Simple !!  
With learning and a little bit of hard work, I have been able to achieve good results in a short amount of time. A lot of beginners (and even experts) try to predict the price, which is a wrong approach. As traders we should be Reacting to the market moves. You need to plan out your trade based on few setups. If it executes - well & good. Otherwise move on to the next setup and opportunity. No need to guess.
Here is a short video clip
This guide provides you all the concepts, knowledge, and specific trading setups that I use in my trades.
A complete and simple approach to Trading.
You will learn.....
1. How to read candlestick shapes (individual & group) & patterns
2. Drawing trend lines correctly and adjusting them
3. Price Action Trading framework (Heart of my trading)
4. Multiple time frame charts & timing your trade entries
5. Moving Averages
6. Discipline, Patience and Psychology
7. How to Position Size Trades?
Once you have purchased the guide, enter here (password protected section) to access few video clips and additional content to help you become a successful & consistent trader. Let me know once you have purchased the guide, and I can send you the password. Thanks.....

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