Before you Join us....

It has been a great experience managing a Twitter based platform. While it does allow us to be flexible by staying home, it does come with a lot of responsibility. Running a platform takes a lot of effort and time. That said - it all becomes easy when you have a passion for it. 


Before starting this service, We joined around 5 such service providers (sorry won't name them) to gain insight as to what goes on inside these groups. What are the issues, what do traders who join them look for, and how can we do anything different that others don't.

Well after running the service for sometime now - here is our observation. 

(As you read them - keep in mind that we are not saying that our service is better than them - we are just telling you how generally such service providers are and what is the expectation of traders who join them)


People join with a goal that they want to start making money the first day they join a service. They don't want to learn. They just want to follow someone and do whatever they do. 


If a service provider runs into bad few days, they cancel subscription and go look for someone else. They blame their failure or bad trade results on the Service provider. What they don't realize is that - It is them. You have to take responsibility of your own trade. Nobody (including us) can do that for you. Yes you pay for a service, but we can be wrong too. So Learn !!! 


The sender would not tell me 'Why' they entered a trade. Giving us reasons like "Oh I am entering because it is cheap weeklies", or just because something has fallen down 4 days in a row and now it 'Must' come up - were all very vague reasons. Most of the technical analysis they would apply was lagging in nature. RSI, MACD, and other momentum based studies are all good, but only in hindsight. Why is it that we can find the best setups looking at old charts, but never really works in real-time. Exactly our point !! 


One of the valid concern was that traders don't get the same price as a sender does. That is why we came up with an idea of morning summary table. It works. Minimal slippage and Learning at the same time. Empowers you to make a decision and size your plays accordingly.


A lot of service providers would not mention anything about the trades that went to zero, but would crow about their one position that gave 150% return. Unfortunately, it did not work for us. After a bad trade, it would set us back. We would be defensive and could not trade like that. 


Lack of customer service. We never got a response back in time from them about any of our questions. And if we did - it would be delayed, short and with no feeling. We are not saying the service provider should give me their heart for what we pay - but at least let us feel that it is worth something.

Please go here to see the FAQs

Any questions - please reach out via e-mail

Membership Includes....

  • Stock and Option Trade Setups/Alerts

  • Pre-Market Video commentary and Chart analysis

  • Pre-Alert Trigger price levels to get you in the trade fast

  • Advance knowledge of which strike and expiration I will choose

  • Developing Price Action based Trading knowledge and skills

  • Access to Educational Chart based Trading Setups

  • Private E-mail & Twitter based support on stocks/options

  • Individual Chart Requests & Risk Management info

$189 per month

This service is not for providing investment advice. It is my personal opinion. Options & Futures Trading carries High Risk. See Financial Disclosure.
No Refunds. You can Cancel Anytime.

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