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Hi, My name is UC (Ainee's husband) and I like trading Futures. Like most of the people, I have other daily work to attend. But supplementing my income with Futures trading is my passion and hobby.


I have gone through the whole cycle of dreaming big to riding an emotional roller coaster and finally accepting that successful trading is all about one thing - Risk Management.

What Future contracts do I Trade?

How is Risk Management taken into account when I trade?

Risk Management is Key in being consistently successful and ensure that few wrong trades do not shatter your confidence and account. Having a Risk to Reward ratio in your favor can provide much needed edge. The only way to achieve that is by controlling your exposure. And you can manage exposure by defining your dollar risk in every trade. Please see the following short clip to understand better.

What to expect if you join MT Futures?

It is very important that before anyone joins, their expectations are aligned with the level of service I am able to provide. First of all, this is NOT going to be an "Alert" based service. Nobody ever learned or grew as a trader by waiting for someone to alert them. You are setting yourself up for a failure if you want to follow me for that reason.

   I will provide you price levels, potential trade setups, and occasionally share any trade that I get in. Keep in mind that my trade will always have a defined dollar risk amount and a chart based stop-loss. That will dictate how many contracts I can afford to get in without disturbing my risk profile. Please see the video clip for details.

Where will I share the information and trade setups?

After joining, you will have access to the Price levels and Trade setups on @FuturesMt Twitter account.

Risk Mgmt.
Price Levels and Price Patterns
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