Before you join...

Thanks for your interest. However, before you join - we wanted to highlight few points that can help you be successful and approach your trading in a consistent manner. The reason many people hop from one service to the other and do not find success is because they get frustrated with no accountability and transparency in providing a service.

We have been there and understand the frustration. We could have benefited from someone who could have provided us with some guidance, knowledge, and price levels to trade off of. Consistency is a key characteristic of being successful at Trading.


Both of us (Ainee & UC) hope to provide a platform that will develop your Price Action based trading skill set and give you a structured thought process. 

The offer below is worth a lot more value that is being provided via this platform. Our passion of trading and supporting fellow traders learn the art of price action trading is reflected in all the hard work. We both put in great effort in giving you a successful blue print of possible trades every morning.

$75 per month | ALL Inclusive | Options, Stocks, Credit Spreads

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What is Included in this service?
  • Access to private Twitter account for Stocks, Options, and Futures Trading
  • Price Levels to Trigger Trade entries
  • Morning video commentary to get you focused (see example)
  • Stock-based Swing trades (see example)
  • Chart-based Trading Setups all day
  • Exclusive Trade Alerts on Momentum stocks moving that day
  • Email or Twitter based support to answer questions
  • Youtube channel
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

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