We see that you are an active trader and like to participate in market regularly trying to find good setups and high probability trades. Our platform might be of interest to you.


We focus on few core stocks day in and day out. It helps us remember important key price levels (Support & Resistance) and using them as trigger levels for our trades each day – it provides consistent results. Providing Actionable and specific Price Levels is at the heart of our trading platform. The goal is to empower you to learn Price Action based trading by providing the ‘why’ behind every trade. Here is a link to our Public Twitter profile and YouTube channel.


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Moreover, our members enjoy Trading setups that we use in our trades every day. Check a free sample here:-


Trend Bar Failure

Few other Resources


Other trading setups that members have access to are:-


Pressure Zone

Trading Pullbacks

Using Moving Averages in Day Trading


Our focus is to educate fellow traders to help them build a trading thought process and structure. Not only we share the price levels for our core list of stocks that we follow & trade every day, but also a hand-written focus list just before open. That helps traders look for high quality setups, and get done early.

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