Day Trading with Price Action

Trading requires skills and knowledge. And just like any other profession, it takes time and dedication to hone those skills. Invest in yourself and develop your trading thought process. 

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In this course you will learn..

  • What is Price Action?
  • Defining Market Direction
  • Swing Pivots (Definition, Importance, Examples)
  • Trend Lines (Intro, How to draw & adjust?)
  • Multiple Chart-based Trading setups (What, Why, How)
  • Trade Entry Points
  • Expectations (What is Positive Expectancy?)
  • Price Targets (Importance and How to find?)
  • Price Channels
  • Trading Framework & Thought Process
  • Examples
  • Closing Thoughts
  • Schedule a 60-minute One-to-One session with Trader UC

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Price is Everything !!

The course comes with many real-life charts, examples, videos, trading thoughts and 'Aaa-Haa' moments as part of this course work.

I sincerely hope that you find the information useful, and ultimately - profitable.

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