Swing Trading

A Systematic and Swing Trading strategy looking to benefit from medium term Trends in an underlying stock or other financial instrument. It can also be auto-traded on Collective2 platform.



What is the strategy?

The strategy involves going long or short #TSLA or #NQ_F (E-mini NASDAQ 100 Futures) contract. I wanted to find a strategy that will let me take advantage of medium term trends.

  • Systematic and rule-based Trading approach to Entry and Exit
  • You can access historical results here, or see them in real time by going to the strategy page on Collective2 platform.
  • No discretion in management of the trade
  • The strategy looks to achieve an average positive trade that is greater than an average losing trade. while keeping a Win-ratio higher than 55-60%
  • See a Video clip related to this strategy here.


Can you trade this strategy with other stocks as well?

You can trade any stock with this strategy. However, key is in back-testing it for at least a year or two, and see how the results came out to be. If net positive with decent return. Why not :) 


How can I join to get this strategy replicated in my account?

You can go to the Collective2 strategy page, and join via that platform. You can use the coupon code UGLV85334 for 50% off your first month. However, we have paused the subscription for now. I would like to optimize this strategy for few more weeks before we open it up.


Where can I see your performance history?

Historical Results here

You can also keep an eye on the Twitter account specifically for this strategy, or simply connect with us there?

Do you have an Example of how a Trade can look like?

Here are two days in the month of January 2022 with exact entry and exit points. Stop-loss level is determined based on the risk amount, plus the chart-based price.