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Simplicity  & Consistency

A technical trader by heart, and a minimalist by nature, our charts are simple to understand. We don't care about Fibonacci levels and other fancy indicators, we only follow price. Ability to not predict but react to the price action is at the core of our trading methodology. Sharing knowledge and helping other traders develop simple chart reading skills is something we enjoy. And once you do something that you enjoy, chances are you will be good at it.

Premium Trade Setups

Multiple types of Trades shared via Twitter based platform: 

1) Option Day Trades via  iTradePrice - a Twitter based platform. We like to trade based on Chart based price levels and trading setups.   


2) Swing Trades that at do not require active trade management. We focus on Quality, & trading setups that are confirmed technical moves (not hopes).


After joining, you will have access to iTradePrice_SwingTrades - Twitter based account, where we share swing trade entries and ideas.

Trading Methodology

We like to trade without any emotions involved. Let the charts do the talking and decision making. Based on chart based trading setups that we use in our trades everyday - trade results have been consistent. We like to share the 'Why' behind our trades, Entry/Exit, and like to give Pre-Alerts so you have time to prepare an order and avoid slippage. Our goal is to make you self-sufficient and be able to spot trades on your own. 


About iTrade Price

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  • Focus on few stocks & trade them every day. Helps remember key levels.

  • Trade on chart-based setups to keep an unbiased view.

  • Don't read much news and certainly don't trade on hope.

  • React to the Price - Not Predict where it will go.

Hello - We are UC and Ainee. Both of us love capital markets and trading. Just like everyone else we have a journey that brought us to where we are today. Nothing in life comes easy. Especially when it comes to Trading. It took us years of trading experience, account blow ups, margin calls, and emotional drainage to get us to understand what we were doing wrong.


To be consistent, we had to drop the mindset of predicting prices. Rather we started following the price. Combined that with risk management and discipline, and we started seeing Consistent Results. 


Financial Risk Disclosure

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