Price Action based Trading

Ability to not predict but react to the price action is at the core of our trading methodology. Develop your trading thought process and execution framework.

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Master Trading Course

Simplify your trading thought process. An objective and structured approach to trade execution. Helps you control emotions & increase confidence.

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Active Trading Service

Combining Price action knowledge, chart-based trading setups, and key price levels to actively look for trading opportunities during the market hours.

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i Scalp

Scalping is a trading style that specializes in profiting off of small price changes and making a fast profit off reselling. My most profitable in terms of $s.

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Plan, Evaluate, React


Twitter-based service providing daily price levels and Option trade setups.

Focus on few stocks & trade them every day. Helps remember key levels and build consistency.

Trade Stocks/Options on chart-based setups to keep an unbiased view.

Weekly Credit spreads & Swing trades.

React to the Price - Not Predict where it will go.

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Weekend Cash - Trading Setup


Weekend Cash is a systematic technical setup. The trade entry is executed when certain chart-based technical parameters align.

Simple to understand and Easy to execute.

Takes the one thing out of trades that most of us struggle to control: Emotions

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Price is Everything

Keep it simple 

Our trading is a mixture of systematic and rule-based discretionary approach.

Figure out the market direction/bias

Perform a Top-down analysis using trend lines/price action

Plan an entry and stop-loss with the help of trading setups

Ensure long-term positive expectancy

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